Visit Cape Wrath
Visit Cape Wrath

Ministery Of Defence & Cape Wrath

The MOD own a vast amount of land on Cape Wrath & use it as a training range for UK & International troops.  Its remote location and difficult & challenging terrain combined with weather conditions which can be extremely fierce make an excellent environment to test someone's ability to survive.

During training exercises the range is termed "active", access is restricted and the MOD will close the road while firing is taking place.  The road is opened when the firing stops.

Cape Wrath Range notices are released by the MOD on a monthly basis which inform us when there will be MOD activity.


The road is NOT CLOSED the entire period; however it may be closed at any point on these dates. 

  • exact times of closure are provided by the MOD as their exercise progresses and can be given at short notice.


We continue to operate although our service will be disrupted

  • There may be days when we cannot go at all, days when we can only operate 1 trip, we may have to start earlier or later and sometimes we may have to stay at Cape Wrath longer before returning.


Although the uncertainty is frustrating for all concerned, it gives us the best chance of having as many trips to Cape Wrath as possible during MOD exercises. 

We display the Cape Wrath Range notice we receive on this page, see below.


Should you require confirmation of dates and MOD activity, we advise direct contact with the MOD:

MOD Freephone Tel:  0800 833 300

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