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Cape Wrath Mini Bus - Who We Are!

Cape Wrath Minibus service has been transporting travellers to and from  Cape Wrath since the mid 1960s , and has been in the Mather family since the early 1980s .

I moved up from the central belt ,  back in 2012 , to drive on Cape Wrath for James Mather, who is a Durness man and also my cousin . Eleven years on , not only am i driving on Cape Wrath , but i am now running the show after James decided to take a step back from the business . 

Coming from a construction background , PSV work was a complete change of career  , and one I have not looked back on .

I have absolute passion for Cape Wrath and before the end of each season , I am already looking to the next . 

Throughout my eleven years of driving , there is one question that keeps on croping up , and is asked the most , which is ...... "  what do you do in the winter " ? 

Well , since moving to Durness , I quickly realised that you cannot survive in this environment , doing only one thing , so coming from a construction background , I was able to put my other skills in to gooduse . 

So to answer the most asked question , I have other work in wood , metal and specialising in fibreglass construction .

Local farms require stock fencing/ gates repaired and replaced , and I also work with the local bus company ,  with service and school runs . There is always somthing to be done .

So , if your looking for a days adventure and light entertainment , Cape Wrath is the place to be , so why not ...............

                                         ..............." come with us to the edge " 

Stuart Ross - Bus Operator / Driver

Stuart Ross

" We strive to make your trip as enjoyable & memorable as possible.  We are extremely informative, highlighting places of interest, providing brief descriptions behind the landscape, pointing out wildlife and answering your questions" .


Remember that driving safely is their first priority so please ask your questions at appropriate times.  

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