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The Lloyds Buildings

"A significant grouping of communication buildings, set in a dramatic remote landscape and near an outstanding Stevenson Lighthouse" (Ref - Historic Scotland)


The Lloyds Buildings are a signalling station complex established by Lloyd's of London Mairne and Commercial Insurers to monitor passing ships, tracking their cargos, ports of departure and destination along with estimated arrival times.


The complex consists of three rectangular-plan single storey buildings, of different size but similar construction comprising of a signal hut, cottages for staff accomodation and an outbuilding.


On 29th May 2013 these buildings were listed at category B as buildings of Special Architectural or Historic Interest.


They are thought to be rare survivors of a formally extensive series of similar installations erected along the British coastline during the early years of radio, ship to shore and eventually global communications.


Although in poor condition, what survives is largely in its original form and retains its functional character. 


The site demonstrates the evolution of advancements in signalling in the late 19th and early 20th century, evidence of the historical importance of Lloyd's of London in shipping and ship insurance underwriting.



circa 1894 - appeared on Ordnance Survey map for first time in 1896, survey carried out in 1894.

15m north of cottages 



1903 - David A Stevenson

3 cottages facing north west.



circa 1930

possibly former laundry and store, adjacent to cottages

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