Visit Cape Wrath.
  Visit Cape Wrath.

 2023 - 7 days a week

We are scheduled to operate 7 days a week from the beginning of May until the 30th of September  . We will have 1 minibus bus in service from the beginning of May until 21st of May and from 11th of september until 30th of September . We will have 2 Minibuses in service from 22nd of May until the 10th of September . Our seating capacity on our buses are 15 and 16 seats .

Note : We cannot always operate for various reasons (PLEASE SEE BELOW)


1) Weather - Your adventure to Cape Wrath includes a ferry crossing, which is directly affected by tides and weather conditions. Passenger saftey is first priority and so, there are times the ferry cannot run due to these factors. This cannot be helped unless you have a direct line to 'mother nature'!!!!

2) MOD - A large part of Cape Wrath is used as a Ministry of Defence training range.  During military exercises our schedule can be disrupted and on occasions we can be prevented from operating altogether, see our "MOD" page.

3) Demand - we require a minimum of 6 adult return fares to operate.




Ferry , to meet up with bus : 

Approx 9.15 am and 12.15 pm daily , 7 days a week 

How do I obtain an update on ferry times?

The time of the next sailing will be written on the noticeboard at Keoldale jetty for you to check. 

Contact ferry on. 07719544207 

Why can't you provide confirmed bus trip times?

Ferry times may vary due to weather and tidal conditions,  therefore as ferry sailing times vary , so do ours. 

Why do ferry sailing times change?

Ferry sailing times vary due to weather & tidal conditions.

There are also unforeseen circumstances, I.E live Military exercises, which affect both ferry and minibus services.

We , the minibus service require a minimum of 6 adult return fares to operate so sailing time may be delayed or postponed. 

4 points to note:

  • The ferryman decides the sailing times 
  • The ferry crossing time is approximately  10 mins
  • It takes more than 1 ferry crossing to fill all 16 bus seats, so please be patient. 
  • The bus will take approximately 3hrs to get back to the ferry point from the time it started out..
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