Visit Cape Wrath.
  Visit Cape Wrath.

Walking on Cape Wrath

On Cape Wrath there are many places to explore beyond our bus route and in order to see & experience them you need to walk.  

There is limited mobile phone signal, restricted transport access & it's a place where weather conditions can and do deteriorate very quickly.  It must be remembered at all times that this is an area of wilderness and somewhere to be treated with the respect such places require to ensure safe return.  Once you alight our bus anywhere you go is at your own risk.


With this in mind, all walks should be well planned

If you intend to walk during your visit our drivers will drop you off and collect you anywhere along the road. However they will not wait for you, you must be waiting to be collected as we have other passengers to consider.  Make arrangements with your bus driver. 

Cape Wrath is the end point for the Cape Wrath Trail and Scottish National Trail.



If you are walking to Cape Wrath and intend to take our bus from the lighthouse to the ferry we ask that you contact us the day before as we will have a more accurate indication of times and then we can also tell our drivers to expect you. 

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